Berks-Schuykill Oil Heat Association - Reading, PA

Delivery Services

BSOHA member dealers boast a range of valuable, economical services to help maintain the comfort of your home while saving you money on energy costs.

Automatic Home Delivery

With the volatile weather patterns that we have been experiencing, find the peace of mind that comes with our Automatic Delivery service. Our members use technology-based software that predicts each home's individual fuel consumption patterns. This technology considers the outside temperatures, historic usage, equipment efficiency, and a few other factors to assure your deliveries are timely.

Oil Truck

The Value of a Budget Plan

Current economic conditions have driven us all to try to cut costs wherever we can. A Budget Plan through your local provider is a great way to take the "bite" out of this winter's heating bills. This plan estimates your total annual heating bill and divides your payments equally over the course of the year. Rather than having expensive bills during the middle of the winter, you can have more moderate bills equally spaced throughout the year. More and more customers are taking advantage of this payment method because it helps keep the family budget manageable. You may also choose to include other services in this plan, including your Service Agreement. For more information about this valuable program, please give one of your BSOHA service providers a call today.

Budget Plan Graphs

Money Lock

Price Protection

Today's energy market is unpredictable. Therefore offering our customers choices when it comes to the price of energy services is the best way to bring them value. Whatever fuel purchasing process or program you choose, BSOHA member dealers understand your priorities and can offer you pricing options to accommodate your needs.

Price Cap

No one can predict with any certainty how high or how low the price of oil will be over any particular period of time. However, what can be done to stabilize and limit your cost of fuel is to use our price protection program. Providing ceiling limit on your costs AND providing a limitless bottom to how much you pay. Therefore, unlike fixed price programs, you are protected from rising prices above your ceiling but anytime the daily rate is below the ceiling - you pay the lower rate.

You may participate in price protection program by "protecting" the gallons you feel you will use this winter. Because the protection "insurance" is based on the gallons you protect, be sure you are protecting an appropriate amount - no more or less than you should need for the winter season. The premiums for cap programs are determined on a per-gallon basis and a BSOHA dealer can work with you with you to determine an estimate.

Price protection is an important decision and that you will likely have questions. Your BSOHA service provider will help answer your questions and provide honest and truthful information to help you choose the right plan for your needs.

Price Cap Graph

Fixed Price

With a fixed price plan you can choose to "lock in" the price you pay during the entire program year. You can select the number of gallons you wish to purchase and pre-pay at the beginning of the program. You get the benefits of Automatic Delivery and the gallons you purchase get delivered to you throughout the entire winter season.